Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gluten Free Food Reviews - January 2010

I plan to do a series of reviews of gluten-free foods I like and don't like.  I'm currently aiming for once per month.

Best of the Month

Whole Foods Market Gluten-Free Bakehouse Cheddar Biscuits - these are fantastic.  Can't tell they are gluten free at all!  Wonderful warm (heat for 10 min at 350) and served with homemade stew.


Kettle Soup chicken with rice noodle soup - very good.  Nice salty broth with big chunks of chicken.  The noodles are big and thick, so they didn't seem like rice noodles to me at all.  Great option for lunch.

Amy's rice noodle mac and cheese - very thick and gooey macaroni and cheese.  We couldn't tell that it was GF.  The noodles did get a little chewy as it got cold, but nothing too bad.

Savory crackers from Trader Joe's - nice and crispy.  They have a good sesame flavor, which I really like.  Especially delicious paired with the Trader Joe's triple creme brie.

Glutino's sesame pretzel rings - nice and crunchy with a good sesame flavor.  My only complaint is that they can feel a little oily.


Amy's gluten free cheese pizza - the crust was not my favorite and really didn't get crispy in our oven.  Maybe if we had a pizza stone to cook it on, it would be better.

Enjoy Life classic original bagels - they are small and very dense.  I was hoping to be able to make sandwiches on them, but that doesn't work with the size.  They are pretty bready, which is nice, but they are also a little too sweet.

Food for Life raisin pecan bread - very thick and dense.  The butter and cinnamon weren't really able to soak in after I toasted it as I would like.  Still, it worked in a pinch and I got to have some toast.  I wanted to make french toast with it, but I don't think it will work based on the not soaking up butter at all.

Worst of the Month

Jo-sef square chocolate cookies - hard and dry.  They really need to be soaked in something to be edible.  Maybe it's because they are also dairy free?  I won't be buying these again!


P.F. Chang's - they have a gluten free menu and are really great about making sure the food is gluten free.  We ordered take out.  When my husband got there to pick it up, they apologized and told him they had to remake my entree because they didn't make it GF the first time.  And, they packed up some GF soy sauce for me.

Pizza Fusion - they have a GF crust that is actually very good!  It is thin and crispy, which is my pizza style.  Lots of toppings are ok - the only one that isn't is the sausage.  Next time, I would order well done, but I like my pizza to have browned cheese.

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