Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two finished objects: one cute, one not so much

I started and finished up two knitting projects so far this month. First one is a cute pair of booties for a friend's new baby girl (due any day!):

Another project was a cat mat knit with leftover yarn and fun fur.  I think it is horrible and ugly, but the cats like it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Power Test - Week 0

I am signed up for a 12 week cycling class at Endorphin Fitness designed to increase power and strength.  Today, I did pre-class power testing to get a baseline of where I am.  The power test was:

1. 15 minutes warm up
2. 3x1 minute at threshold intensity, then 1 minute rest
3. 5 minutes easy
4. 5 minutes all out
5. 10 minutes easy
6. 20 minutes hard
7. 15 minutes cool down

Here are my results:

IntervalWatts (Avg)Watts (Max)Heart Rate (Avg)Cadence (Avg)MPH (Avg)
1 min1311461688017.0
1 min1391731688217.7
1 min1531881728618.3
5 min1331681778317.4
20 min1221881818116.8

I am using the 20 minute test to calculate my heart rate zones as:

Zone     HR Range        
1<= 122
2123 - 150
3151 - 170
4171 - 190