Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gluten Free Food Reviews - August 2010

I haven't done this in awhile because I tend to stick with a lot of the foods that I know are good rather than trying new things.  But, a few things I've tried recently that I like:

DeBoles Corn Pasta - this was a lot less gummy than the rice pasta and tasted almost exactly like wheat pasta!  It was even good reheated, which I cannot say for rice pasta.

Bob's Red Mill Mixes - I've made the pizza crust and the cornbread, both of which are very tasty.  They offer a lot of mixes and flour so you can do your own baking.

Annie's Gluten Free Rice Pasta and Cheddar - replacement for the Kraft Mac and Cheese.  It turns out better when you don't cook the the noodles as long as the box suggests.

Sticks Kebob Shop is a restaurant in Richmond and Charlottesville that is gluten free.  They even use gluten free soy sauce! 

Noodles & Company has a few gluten free options.  Stick with the rice noodles and avoid the chicken.  You can ask for the rice noodles in other dishes.

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