Sunday, March 23, 2014

Making Progress to Improve Myself

In December, I joined a moms' fitness class called Body Back.  It's a program designed by Fit4Mom designed to improve moms' fitness and strength.  I've definitely gotten stronger and am making improvements in fitness and my nutrition.  More than that, I've found an amazing group of women.  I was so nervous the day when I went to my first class, but they were so supportive and encouraging.  Now, in my third session, I'm happy to call them friends.

My second session, and first 8-week session, wrapped up at the beginning of March.  Over the course of 8 weeks, I:
  • lost 6.2% of my total body weight
  • lost 2.5% of my chest measurement
  • lost 6.5% of my waist measurement
  • lost 3.4% of my hip measurement
  • lost 3.6% of my thigh measurement
  • lost 5.4% of my arm measurement
Those are the exciting body changes - and believe me, I'm excited about them - but it also comes with an increase in fitness:
  • 43.9% increase in plank time
  • 42.9% increase in situps
  • 30.0% increase in pushups
  • 19.4% increase in side plank
It's pretty amazing!!!  Our instructor definitely pushes us often past the point where I think I should stop.   Some workouts are just as much mental as physical. With results like this, you can see why that's important.

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