Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cobblestone Mug Cozy

This is the first pattern I've created myself as a challenge for 2012.  I love to make coffee mug cozies as a gift: place them on a paper coffee cup, tuck a gift card inside, and you are all set.  They are great, quick knits perfect for teachers, hair dressers, or anyone.  Everyone seems to love them.  I live in Richmond, VA where there are many brick and cobblestone streets; those sidewalk patterns inspired the design for this cozy.

Materials: about 50 yards of worsted weight yarn (I used both Berroco Comfort and Vanna's Choice)

Needles: size 7.0 DPNs. The gauge is not that important as it is fairly stretchy.  I am a rather tight knitter, so I used size 7.0 (4.5 mm) needles.  If you are an average gauge knitter, I would suggest size 6.0 (4.0 mm) needles; size 5.0 (3.5 mm) needles if you knit loosely. 


I knit this in the round on DPNs, but you could also use magic loop or knit flat and then seam.

Cast on 40 stitches.  Distribute stitches on DPNs and join without twisting. Place marker for the beginning of the row

Rows 1 & 2: k2, p2 all the way around
Row 3: knit all
Row 4: purl all

Rows 5 & 6: p2, k2 all the way around
Row 7: knit all
Row 8: purl all

Repeat rows 1 - 8 twice (3 pattern repeats total)

Bind off loosely


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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. This is only my second project. Easy to follow your pattern. I will be making more!