Monday, July 16, 2012

Race Report: Cul de Sac 5k #2

Date:  July 16, 2012
Distance: 5k run
Time: 43:03
Pace: 13:50 min/mile
Overall Rank: 429/440
Age Group (F30-34) Rank: 38/39

My goals from last week worked out great, so I decided to use them again this week. Added on two new ones:

1) have fun
2) finish
3) not die
4) not walk at all during first mile
5) be faster than last week

I managed to complete all of the goals this week! It was really hot, but I made it through. I decided to use my handheld water bottle so that I would have enough liquid. I'm really glad that I did because it was so hot and humid. Also had a tiny cup of beer right around mile 1 from one of the people in the neighborhood. They were joking about it last week. I love that they followed through!

I also used different shoes this week, and that was a huge help. My Achilles tendon didn't get sore during the run.

BTW, one of my favorite parts of this race? The PIGLETS! The advantage of the Cul de Sac is that I can see them running out of the Cul de Sac as I go in. And, since it's warm, they are all shirtless! Yay

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